Why You Should Get A Bidet

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a shortage of one of the most commonly used items in a bathroom – toilet paper.  While it may seem like a silly product for stores to run out of, the truth is that toilet paper is key to ensuring clean bathroom use.

In the event of another pandemic, or to remove the fear of running out of toilet paper in the future, consider installing a bidet in your home.  These water cleaning systems look similar to a toilet but with more benefits than using regular toilet paper to clean yourself.

If you aren’t sure why a bidet is the best voice for your home and lifestyle, consider the following three reasons to get a bidet installation today.


It is safe to say that smearing or spreading human waste around is not an efficient cleaning method compared to washing with water. However, with a bidet, homeowners can clean their private parts sufficiently to avoid issues with bacterial infections or rashes.

Additionally, bidets promote environmental health by decreasing paper consumption and utilizing low-pressure water systems.


In the USA, consumers spend an average of $200 a year on toilet paper.  Compared to the cost of a traditional bidet, the money spent on toilet paper in a year covers the expense of upgrading to this fantastic cleaning machine.

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Additionally, using a bidet limits the need for plumbing repairs required by clogged toilet drains.  Those seeking bathroom ideas in colorado springs, co, or any other city are sure to be satisfied with the wide range of money-saving bidets offered by multiple manufacturers.

If you don’t have the tools and equipment to install a bidet successfully, contact your local bathroom renovation company for expert installation and service.