What To Do When You Have Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is not like other flooring. When you have a hardwood floor it is important that you treat it with respect and care. Many people who have hardwood floors in salt lake city ut will take extra care not to scratch it, come in with a lot of dirt and will take extra care in cleaning it. If you have a hardwood floor, there are things you should do and what you should avoid.

What to do and avoid with your floors

1. You should keep it clean – a regular cleaning for your hardwood floor will help a lot, especially if you have kids and pets. Kids can bring all sorts of dirt into the house when they come home from school so make sure to vacuum on a regular basis and mop often. If you happen to have a pet in the house that has long fur, you can use a vacuum cleaner attachment with a brush to pick up all of the leftovers that will stick to your floors.

2. Use coasters for drinks if you have hardwood floor you should put down coasters for drinks as much as possible, it is better to be safe than sorry. If your guests forget the coasters or if you have kids, then you can put down small rugs in places that are typically used for sitting and drinking like by the sofa.

3. Take off shoes before entering hardwood floors.  This one is a biggie because it keeps your floor from getting scratched up, and keeps the dirt outside. Once again if you have kids or pets it is very important that they know to take off their shoes before entering the house, so they don’t drag dirt across your hardwood floor.

hardwood floors in salt lake city ut

When it comes to hardwood floors you want to take care. They are great to look at but a pain to fix.