What Is The Best Way To Package Your Services?

There is a term called nickel and dimming. What this basically means is that you will add on an additional cost for everything that you do on a project. Examples of this would be a base cost of painting a room plus an extra cost of removing light switches and taping molding. When you work as a handyman or other professional you will quickly discover that people don’t like this and you will start losing clients.

The better way of doing this is to offer packages. When we offer handyman packages in altamonte springs, fl, we are trying to make what we are offering more attractive to our clients. When we do this, we get more work.

How to package your services so they are more attractive?

·    Price your packages lower than the total cost. You only need at least three levels in your package. By making it 3 different price points most people will say that is affordable and choose one of them. If you have more than 5 packages, then the chances are good that you will have less conversions since you are giving your client too many choices. Three is perfect.

·    Keep it simple

handyman packages in altamonte springs, fl

·    Make sure your packages are available for a certain time period at that price point. You want to give a quote that is good for thirty days. This way you are giving your client enough time to think about it, are not really in trouble of having prices go up and you are setting a deadline which encourages action.

·    Try to make one of your packages the no brainer offer. This is the one you make the most money with and keep to a minimum amount of work. It is the sweet spot for you and your client. Going crazy with your packages can get you in trouble so just do a basic, average and advanced.