Meditation Space Design Trends

Anyone interested in working on their personal development goals should consider creating a meditation space in their home. These tranquil spaces are ideal for centering energies and melting away the stress of the day.

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To focus the mind best, it’s essential to design a meditation space free from distractions. The following is a guide to the latest meditation design space trends that will help create a calm and tranquil environment to take a mental inventory of life events.


The lighter the shade, the more calming and soothing it is. For example, light blues like powder or cerulean are calming and inspire trust, while greens like seafoam are considered to be uplifting.

Lighter shades of gray are also used for wall color schemes in many meditation spaces. Colored walls can be too distracting, especially if they are decorated with artwork or textures and patterns. Darker shades (like browns) are grounding, while vibrant colors such as red will jar the senses.

& Accessory Options:

For a truly tranquil environment, furniture that can be moved around to suit your needs is better than permanently fixed pieces. Additionally, forgoing furniture for comfortable pillows and mats may prove better for those that incorporate stretching or yoga into a meditation routine.

If you follow a particular form of meditation, consider adding a few pieces reflecting that practice. For example, Zen meditation spaces often add elements such as jade or gold to infuse the space with positive energies and remove negative ones.


Consider locating your meditation space in a room with few windows or doors. This allows you to focus your energies without having outside disturbances or noisy distractions.

Alternatively, you can add a sunroom in Elmsford, NY if you find that open, bright spaces help you connect with your inner self better.